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Pº Ubarburu, 34 - Pol. 27 Martutene
Gipuzkoa - SPAIN

Opening times: Monday to Friday, 8:00-13:00 and 15:00-19:00.

Tel. +34 943 47 38 40
Fax. +34 943 47 38 41

For over thirty years, GUINABA has represented and distributed the best brands in the world of bathrooms to the best shops and professionals in the Basque Country and Navarre. Nowadays, GUINABA continues its growth and evolution, always looking for new products to satisfy our most demanding customers.

With a strong vocation for quality and comprehensive service we offer all our support, advice and service, and we try every day to make available to our customers the latest products and best solutions for bathrooms, backed by the most prestigious brands in the sector, both nationally and internationally.

Our experienced, professional staff and centralised facilities enable us to offer our customers a comprehensive service that can include support and commercial advice, both in our showroom and offices, and upon delivery, installation, service, maintenance... Not only do we want to sell, we want to help the customer make their choice and try to ensure that all their expectations are met, now and over time. It is our intention that, with our advice, your idea, project or makeover in the bathroom will be a success, and the bathroom of your dreams will become a reality.


Constantly updated, our showroom is available to our customers so they can check the quality and variety of our catalogue products on site: bathroom furniture, sinks, fixtures, radiators, shower trays and screens, taps, shower heads and cascades, hot tubs, spas, saunas... From classic to avant-garde, we try to incorporate a greater variety of styles to help you in your choice.

Sales Department

Our sales department will offer the best advice and the most professional customer care, telephone hotline, measurements, budgets, computer simulations, all at your service so that nothing remains unresolved. Besides, you will be permanently informed about all new developments and you will have all information about our products fully updated.

We manage your orders, inquiries and complaints electronically and as quickly as possible through all currently available resources and we are committed to trying to find quick and effective solutions so the most suitable product is delivered as soon as the customer needs it.

Stores and Workshops

In our stores we have articles with greater rotation to try to provide a record-breaking service when so required, from hydro-massage and sauna cabins to the latest accessory for your bathroom, through furniture, screens, mirrors, sinks, countertops, spas, etc. We have thousands of shower screens and trays in stock, so urgency is never an issue, and our workshops are prepared to adapt our products to the exact size of your bathroom.

Technical Service

Our technical service has all the means and knowledge to install, adjust and maintain all our products. Our mission is to independently solve all kinds of contingencies and adjustments as quickly as possible, with no excuses.

Present and Future

All this has made sure the relationship with our best suppliers has been maintained for years and that we can continue to work with the best national and foreign firms. We regularly attend the best shows in the world: Frankfurt, Shanghai, Bologna, Valencia, Barcelona ... And our commitment includes incorporating to our catalogue the best products, the latest trends and innovations in the market.

We continue to support our customers, and we continue to evolve and grow with them, so our doors and our mind are always open to all suggestions and tips we receive. Total satisfaction and high quality in our products and in our service remains our main objective.



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Pº Ubarburu, 40 - Pol. 27 Martutene
Tel. +34 943 47 38 40 - Fax +34 943 47 38 41
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